Expat Records Is Actively Seeking A Select Group Of Talented Artists.

The “new” Expat Records s focused on artists development. We simply can not give 100 artists the time and attention they deserve. We would rather have 5 artists we can properly develop than 500 that receive no real benefit from being on our roster. This is a new paradigm for Expat; one we feel is in the best interest of our future artists. We are excited about this change and our looking forward to working with like-minded artists who can see the benefit of this type of relationship.

Our goal is to offer the best development environment for our artists. Expat Records will help our artists map out a strategy for long term success in the industry. Success is defined in many ways.  We define success as become artistically “self sufficient”. That means eventually living off the proceeds of your artistic endeavors. This will allow you to focus on your craft which, in turn, helps you grow artistically and financially.

Does that happen overnight?  Of course not.  But if you have a plan, goals and the willingness to work, a talented artists can forge an opportunity to make that a reality. Our goal is to find talented artists who shared that mindset and our passion for music. We welcome the opportunity to work with them so they have the attitude and tools they need to grow as an artists. We will be there for them every step of the way.

What are we specifically looking for in an artists or band? Here a few of the main aspects:

  • Talent – There is no substitute.  Whether it is a singer songwriter or band, there has to be a high level of talent. We will know it when we hear and see it.
  • No Drama – The absence of drama is the easiest path to success. Things happen along the way in every profession.  Those who can remain focused on their goals, even when things are not going well, will ultimately succeed.
  • A Willingness To Work – The world is not going to beat a path to your door without exposure. Exposure takes hard work.  We are looking for artists that are willing to do what it takes to properly promote themselves. They will build email list. Work social media. Be ready (and excited about) talking to a college DJ in a tertiary market to promote a release. Even the best music wont get heard without hard work.
  • No Substance Abusers – Some up and coming musicians succumb to temptations. We all enjoy a drink or two from time to time, but don’t let drinking or drugs get in the way of your music.