Expat Records and Expat Publishing were founded by Jeffrey Libby in 2009. Mr. Libby’s goal was to help independent musicians reach a wider audience by creating a leaner, more efficient record label. To accomplish that, the Expat founder and his team put systems in place that gave their artists the most advanced marketing, distribution, publishing, licensing, and merchandising solutions available at that time.

Mr. Libby’s business strategy was to reduce the costs associated with a release and give more artists the opportunity to be discovered through his online distribution and promotion techniques (you can learn more from this Q & A article featured on About.com). By leveraging emerging technologies, and signing artists with completed master recordings, Expat was able to grow rapidly.

While Jeff enjoyed the label experience, he knew his true passion was more in designing systems than promoting music.  He began to actively look for a suitable organization to take control of the companies so he could focus his attention elsewhere. The assets of Expat Records and Expat Publishing were acquired by Rogers & Stephens Omnimedia, Inc. in July of 2013 (learn more here).

The new Expat team is excited to build on the successes of the past and looks forward to adding more traditional label support and services to the mix. Expat now has full HD audio and video production facilities and will utilize these assets to record, master and create the additional multimedia assets needed to take our artists to the next level. This means that in addition to it’s original business model, Expat will now actively seek out, and invest in, artists who may not have completed master recordings yet, but craft great music and are passionate about success.