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Expat Records Joins With ExStreamLive.com To Help Give Indie Artists More Exposure

The New Show, Featuring Some Of The Best Up & Coming Talent, Is Set To Begin Airing Later This Summer.

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We Love Music

At Expat, our passion is music. ¬†Our core team are all former musicians and creative-types who are experienced in, and excited about, bringing new and powerful acts to the forefront. We understand our artists’ passion for their work and honor it by working hard to get them the exposure needed for success. About Us

The Music Matters

Great music moves people and has the power to inspire. We seek out those who can create that type of music and give those, who are willing to work hard, the tools they need to spread their message. We understand what is important; it’s all about the music and the people with the vision and will to create it.Our Process

Global Reach

The industry has changed and there are new opportunities for artists to connect with potential fans worldwide. That said, it is still important to lay the foundations needed to build a successful carrer. At Expat we encourage our artists to think globally, but act locally.Why This Is Important

1000 True Fans

A New Paradigm has emerged that allows an artist to make a reasonable living while while building their brand. Imaging having 1,000 fans who buy $100 of your merchandise throughout the year. It can happen. Sure, it’s not the “Rock Star” life, but it is important to pay the bills before your 1st mega-hit and new mansion. Learn More